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Trained Advocates

Our advocates are available to listen and support your choices. We can help you to safety plan, explore your options, and connect with resources. Advocate are available to accompany clients as they navigate legal, healthcare, and other systems. We also have a co-located advocate who works at the Department of Human Services office in Enterprise one day per week for accompaniment while accessing DHS programs. 

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Emergency Shelter

Safe Harbors operates a 6-bed emergency shelter for those who are unsafe at home due to domestic violence, sexual violence, and/or stalking. The shelter is available for up to 28 days and the location is confidential.

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24-Hour Support Line

Our 24-hour help line is staffed by trained and local advocates. To speak with an advocate at any time, please call 541-426-6565. 

Elderly-Specific Services

The elderly-specific Safe Harbors Advocate is trained to meet the unique needs of elderly survivors while also working closely with local elderly services to coordinate support. 


Legal Support

We offer information on civil and criminal legal options and offer support and accompaniment throughout the legal process. Click the button below for more details on our legal support services.

Transitional Housing

Safe Harbors provides logistical and financial support for survivors in need of housing. This program has limited funding and may not always be available.

Teen Specific Services

Safe Harbor works closely with local youth to provide education and support. We have a teen-specific advocate, an advocate that works weekly in the Joseph Charter School, and a teen talk/text line at 541-398-1425.


Emotional Support Services

Safe Harbors offers regular emotional support services for survivors, which include the weekly survivor circle support group, free monthly mental health counseling, free monthly yoga classes, and frequent empowerment classes. 

Healthcare Accompaniment

Safe Harbors advocates offer support to survivors navigating the healthcare system due to intimate partner violence or sexual assault. Safe Harbors advocates can discuss healthcare options and accompany you during medical visits. We also offer sexual and reproductive health options, resources and information.

LGBTQ+ Services

Safe Harbors coordinates an LGBTQ+ advisory council, Queer Youth Group, and offers LGBTQ+ specific advocacy services.

Monetary Support

Safe Harbors may be able to fund emergency needs that arise as a direct result of domestic violence, sexual violence, and/or stalking. Survivors can apply for financial assistance with an advocate at any time. 

Community Education

Safe Harbors regularly hosts educational events and broadly distributes information about domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking throughout Wallowa County. We are also active on social media and within the local schools. Follow the link below to our calendar for more event information. 

To access or learn more about any of the services listed above, please call the Safe Harbors' office at 541-426-4004

All services offered by Safe Harbors are free, confidential, and at-will. 

In 2022, Safe Harbors provided 2,025 individual services to 108 survivors. 

All Safe Harbors' services are confidential, free, and at-will. 

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, immigration status, 

national origin, religion, gender, age, or disability.

If you are unable to access our services due to transportation issues, please request transportation support from Safe Harbors. 

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