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About Safe Harbors

Our program began with a desk in the basement of the county courthouse and an operating budget of $12. 

Since our humble beginnings, Safe Harbors has been a grassroots, non-profit agency that serves victims of intimate partner violence in Wallowa County, Oregon.

Today, we provided crisis intervention and advocacy services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence, and stalking, as well as community education and outreach. We approach all our work through a survivor-centered lens. We strive to serve the most marginalized in our community, and to work towards a safer and more equitable future for all. 

Photo by  Talia Jean Galvin

We are located in Wallowa County -  a remote mountainous county in the northeast corner of Oregon.  Wallowa County is the 9th largest county in the state, spanning 3,200 square miles with a widely dispersed population of 7,200 people.  The four incorporated cities, Wallowa, Lostine, Enterprise, and Joseph comprise 58% of the population, while the remaining 42% is scattered throughout the more rural areas. 

Our goal is to end intimate partner violence in Wallowa County and to foster a community where violence and abuse are not tolerated. 

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