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Mission and Philosophy

We strive to build  a community free of violence through prevention and by advocating alongside those experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Our philosophy includes declaring freedom from fear of abuse as a basic human right; empowering survivors of violence to make their own choices by exercising their right to self-determination; respecting women, men and children equally; breaking the cycle of violence through education; offering a program that balances prevention, intervention and support; endorsing public policy that makes violence unacceptable; conducting our own affairs in an ethical and caring way; and establishing Safe Harbors in a leadership role in the community to promote a safe environment.


We work with local organizations, authorities, and leaders to promote survivor rights, gender equity, and a safe community. 

We are survivor 



We empower survivors by believing, offering options, and supporting individual choices. 

We look forward.


We raise awareness, provide education, and continuously strive towards a safe future for all. 

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